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rapid! PayCard

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rapid! PayCard

  • rapid! PayCard = Direct Deposit
    (employees can also deposit their income tax refund, social security benefit, military pension or other payments that can be direct deposited)
  • Employees have immediate access to their pay
  • Provides more security for employees by carrying less cash (get cash when you need it at ATMS and with cash back when shopping)
  • Employee funds are FDIC insured and PIN protected
  • MasterCard Zero Liability Guarantee
  • No overdraft fees! – FDIC pre-paid account
  • Supports all features of PIN cards plus can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted
  • Can be used at nearly 2 million ATM’s and POS locations – domestic or international
  • Can withdraw full amount on card up to $5,050
  • 55,000 surcharged-free ATMs
  • Allows cash back from POS purchases at participating merchants
  • Can be used for online shopping and bill payment
  • Free money orders at ANY US Post Office
  • Free convenience checks
  • Free on-line bill pay
  • And so much more!
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